Hi-Grade Materials provides a complete line of concrete products for a variety of projects – large and small. With over 50 years of industry service, our team of concrete professionals and industry expertise is what sets us and our products apart. We have literally provided millions of yards of concrete product to government, industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Our eight convenient locations serving the entire Victor Valley, Antelope Valley and Morongo Basin – conveniently located to serve your ready-mix concrete, sand, and gravel needs. In addition to our proprietary ready-mix concrete, we provide a variety of materials to enhance any concrete project such as: color options, fiber additives for strength, and more.


With a catalog of hundreds of active mix designs, we are able to meet specific needs of contractors and engineers alike. Performance and specification-driven mixes are tailored to structural requirements and each mix is heavily evaluated by our Quality Control team to ensure that specific criteria is met.

Materials that enter our plants, from aggregates to fly ash, are tested to ensure proper quality and consistency of product. Random loads of ready-mix are tested for strength/time properties, slump, air entrainment, unit weight and yield, and cylinder strength throughout the various stages of our quality assurance measures.

All Hi-Grade Materials plants are NRMCA (National Ready Mixed Concrete Association) certified.


Building “Green” with Hi-Grade Materials Concrete Products

LEED (or Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) green building promotes environmentally conscious buildings that improve outdoor and indoor building quality and reduces waste during the building process.

Potential LEED points can be gained by utilizing our ready-mixed concrete for uses such as:

  • Stormwater management
  • Landscape paving
  • Minimizing energy use
  • Optimizing energy performance
  • Managing construction waste
  • Recycled content
  • Use of regional materials
  • Use of certified wood
  • Innovation in design
  • Site-wide VOC reduction
  • Reduction in the use of Portland cement
  • LEED Green Building Rating System

Energy Efficiency

Concrete is energy efficient in its transportation. Our materials for concrete mix are readily available, locally obtainable and are never transported over great distances due to a limited mixing time. Concrete offers significant energy savings when used in homes and commercial buildings; Its thermal mass contributes to high R-factors and moderates temperature fluctuations by storing and releasing energy needed for heating and cooling. Highways paved with concrete reduce heavy truck fuel consumption. Concrete’s reflectivity can lower lighting costs in parking lots by as much as 30% over other forms of pavement. Concrete’s light-colored surface also reduces heat absorption, benefiting our lakes and streams with cooler storm water run-off.

Ascon Recycling

Ascon Recycling – a division of Hi-Grade Materials – provides the recycling of concrete and asphalt products for reuse in a variety of applications including road base and fillers. Conveniently located throughout Mojave Desert at Hesperia, Adelanto, Oro Grande, Lucerne Valley, Joshua Tree, Ft. Irwin, Palmdale, and Lancaster and having an extensive haul fleet, Ascon Recycling can provide concrete recycling services to meet any project or government specifications.

Recycled products

Recycled materials can easily be integrated into our concrete mixes – most commonly fly ash (an industrial waste by-product of coal manufacturing) – which would normally go into landfills. Using recycled materials is not only good for the environment, it also can provide significant cost-savings.

Recycled concrete is often used as a high quality aggregate in concrete mix.


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